Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so this is my new 9'4 longboard, the glass is tinted 3 colours, the blk and cream come out really nice, the blue was ok, still happy with it, i took it for a spin this arvo on about a foot swell, the thing picks up any thing, im not use to riding such a big board so i think it will take some time to get the hang of it, over all very pumped....!


new 9'4

the new 9'4

shelly loves her new board

shellys new longboard is 8'6 with just a red tint, the tint came out ok need to work on my lamanating, she took it for a paddle today, never seen her paddle onto waves so well, very stocked for her.

so shelly got a new board today 8'6

danno and the k-man at seal rocks

the k-mans first time on a board up at seal rocks, this is a trip we do each year with the group of young crew from our church, we always have a killer time and some times waves.....love the place.
this is a board i made for a mate called rick, its 6'2, a little larger for a quad but he wanted some thing super easy to ride so thats what he got, love the colour its just a tint with a white pin line, still mastering the pin lines, but happy with the board.

Ricks new quad, its a big one, 6'2