Sunday, June 27, 2010

twin fin pin

this is a new 6'2 twin fin pin that iv shaped, its for when the swell is little bit bigger, looking forward to finishing this one to see how it runs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

5'6 STUBBY the new love of my life!!

after buying the best surf movie eva, ONE CALIFORNIA DAY, and after seeing some stubbys and bonzas being ridden, inspired me to try something new, this was the first one of the stubbys that i have made, such a fun board to ride, very different to anything i have tried before. This board is now the main board that i ride and I'm looking forward to making more. The stubby rides high and tight in the pocket of the wave, it love little sucky swells.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer arvo

love riding the wife's mal, its a 8'6 but its supa fun. Thanks Shelly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

old skool

this crazy decal is one of my fathers old ones, a good mate in adelaide picked this board up from a second hand sale, $50 later go himself a killer piece of history, the board is a single fin pin tail and still in good nik.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

shape by decals

My good friend Kathrine Hall has come up with some "shape by" decals for me, so keep an eye out and thanks kath, killer job.


this is my brother's board i made for him, its a 6'0 keel fish, the templet is off a Wagner fish that a friend had. About 4 or 5 years ago i was introduced to fish's on a small summer day, i could not belive the speed you could generate on a small wave and also how easy the paddle was. Since that day iv never looked back, i think in the past 4 year's iv ridden a thruster once.

Friday, June 18, 2010

surfer joe

summer time, how killer is it, warm water, bright sun, light wind. Surferjoe is Joe Hall, who love the ocean and if he's not in it he is on the beach taking photo of it, you have to have a look at he's blog, its a great read every

kath hall

kath hall is amazing, first she's killer at drawing and second she's killer at painting, plus she rides a long board. I asked her to do what ever she wanted on the bottom of the new Quad, this is what she come up with, i love it and it looks amazing, if you like her stuff have a look at her

two by two quad

New quad i made for myself, its 5'8, it needs anything over 3 foot to have fun on it. The first surf i had on it was out at copa point, copa is a really nice wallie left, has two take offs, one peeky one right out the back that come onto the second take off which is a crazy flat rock that just sucks up, great ride.

some idea's

So at night when im taking it easy ill do some drawning, some colour combos for tints.

joe hall and the single becomes friends

This is one of my good friends Mr Joe Hall, he's a very talented lad, great musician, amazing eater and a killer shreader on any form of sliders. This little group is of him running the little single fin.

new bay

love a new bay!

new sealegged decals

My brother danno is well talanted in the ways of design, so i fit him up when i need a new very happy. Thanks Dan your the best!

daves diamond tail

this is a mates board i was helping him out with. Its a little 5'8 diamond tail, we set it up as a quad. It a cream tint with some resign dots popped on it before the finish coat.

sweet rides

so many sweet rides going to waste.

my 5'10 single fin

this is a fun little board, it makes you reconnet with the wave, its nice!! great to ride when its 2-3 foot and fast.

biggest jelly iv seen.......ever!!!!!

this jelly fish was washed up on bonny hills, now my hav's are a size 9, so that thing is massive!

bonny the place

This is a couple of early morning at bonnys, i love this place, every easter we head up there for a camp and every year we score great waves.

johnnys keel fish

This is a board i made for a good friend John. Its 5'10 keel fish, he lives in adelaide so should be good for the condition down there.........enjoy wa wa.