Tuesday, July 5, 2011

growin up

I had a great childhood, my brother Dan and i where raised on a farm south of Adelaide on the mid coast. We had sheep, horse's and olive tree's. one of the greatest time's of my life, i grew up surfing and riding motor x, up the back of the farm dad had a moto race track that people would come from all around Australia to ride, so we always had visitors. My folks owed surf shops and made surfboards, Dan and i never wanted for anything and life was simple. I remember hanging out at the shop after school every day when the surf was flat, which in Adelaide was most of the time. The above photo was taken in front on the work van which was a Bedford Van with FROSTYS SURFSHOP and SPIRITFILLED(dad board brand back in the 80's), im on the left and little Dan on the right. Not long after this photo dad gave up the moto x after waking up in hospital after 3 days of being knocked out. He was trying to sell his bike to a couple of guys that had come up to the farm to have a look, pulling a wheelie with no helment and shirt with just a pair of jeans and shoes and going over the handlebars is not the best way to sell a bike, it did work but and the guys took it after dad got out of hospital.